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Auto accidents a serious threat to roadside workers

Auto accidents a serious threat to roadside workers

When approaching a construction area on a Georgia highway, extra caution must be used. Each year, workers are injured on the side of the road, even if there are clear warnings to drivers. Auto accidents are a serious threat to the hardworking men and women who brave the danger to maintain and improve the roads. 

Recently, a Georgia worker was standing on the trailer of a construction vehicle on the shoulder of the highway. The truck had flashing lights and safety equipment to warn approaching vehicles to switch lanes, in an effort to prevent injury or death to the workers on foot. One driver chose to disregard the warnings and tried to go around the truck. 

The construction worker saw the vehicle approaching, and tried to jump out of the way, but the careless motorist struck and killed the man. Worse yet, the driver did not even stop, but rather continued driving along the interstate as if nothing happened. Other drivers followed the vehicle, and police were able to arrest and charge the driver deemed responsible for the death. 

When auto accidents claim lives, surviving family members often want to seek justice. Georgia families may wind up saddled with medical bills, funeral expenses, insurance matters and other financial losses involving the deceased victim. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help the executor of a victim’s estate pursue recovery of any monetary damages to which the estate may be entitled in a court of law, ensuring that the driver that caused the death is held fully accountable. 


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