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Back to campus: Criminal defense for college students

Back to campus: Criminal defense for college students

All across the Peach State, Georgia college students are making their way back to campus. A new semester is about to begin, and students are gearing up for a new academic year. Sometimes, students get themselves into legal trouble, and it’s helpful to know that some attorneys focus on criminal defense for college students.

For one student, the 2019 fall semester has already resulted in criminal charges, but according to the student, a star football player, the allegations are not true. The trouble began when police accused him of drug crimes, saying a white substance on the hood of his car tested positive for cocaine. He was suspended from the team as a result.

Then, things got interesting. The student insisted that the substance on his car was actually bird poop and said he had tried to get his car washed a few days prior to his arrest. At first, it sounded like a crazy alibi. But the school had him submit to a drug test, and he passed; accordingly, the school sided with the student and reinstated him to the football team. He is still facing the criminal charges.

College students who are accused of criminal acts have a lot on the line. Not only do they have to worry about pending charges and academic performance, but they may also face issues concerning participation in college sports or even possible expulsion from school. An attorney knowledgeable about criminal defense for college students in Georgia can help explain the legal proceedings and also focus on ensuring that the client’s rights are protected at all stages of the criminal justice process.


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