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Criminal defense for college students a growing need

Criminal defense for college students a growing need

The new school year is in full swing across colleges and universities in Georgia. Most students have settled in, overcome their first-day jitters and made some friends. Sometimes, a group of students goes out on the town together, and unfortunately, what begins as a fun night with friends can end with a need for criminal defense for college students.

Recently, a viral video showed a group of Georgia students embroiled in a clash with police officers. The video does not show the events leading up to the altercation, but law enforcement claims it all began when they told a group of students they suspected had been drinking too much to go home. Officers allege some students refused to leave and became aggressive toward the officers, and they accused some of shouting foul language.

The video shows officers tackling several students to the ground, and witnesses can be heard screaming in fear. Both the students and the police may have feared the situation would escalate. Police say the students then calmed down and complied, but at least 12 were arrested.

When a college student is accused of a crime, families may want to consider an attorney knowledgeable in criminal defense for college students. An attorney may be able to help a student who might be facing charges for the first time, and help him or her prepare to present his or her side of the story in a courtroom. Legal trouble can affect a student’s classroom performance, and an attorney may be able to handle the legal woes so a student can focus on his or her education until the matter is cleared up.


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