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DUI defense: unlikely person accused

DUI defense: unlikely person accused

Georgia residents rely on the court system and its employees to keep each case organized and streamlined. Court administrators work hard to provide a point of contact between the court system and the public, often assisting with forms or records a person may need. One might assume that these men and women, being so engulfed in the legal system, are rarely accused of crimes, but a recent story tells the tale of a female court administrator that must now prepare a DUI defense for herself. 

The trouble began when the woman accelerated to merge on to an interstate. According to officers nearby, she was speeding. The officers initiated a traffic stop, and by all accounts, the woman cooperatively pulled over. 

The officers then claimed they could smell alcohol in the vehicle. Though she could have legally refused to do so, the woman took a field sobriety test. The officers must have felt she performed poorly, and she was arrested and taken to jail for speeding and DUI. She was able to post bond the next day but must now prepare for her day in court. 

When a person is accused of DUI in Georgia, he or she may become a bundle of nerves. Penalties for DUI convictions can vary and may include anything from loss of driving privileges to fines or even jail time. Still, an accusation is not an indication of guilt, and a person has a right to present a DUI defense in court. Many people choose to bring an experienced attorney on board to help them prepare a solid defense in an effort to aim for a favorable verdict for the defendant. 


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