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Police initiative may result in need for DUI defense

Police initiative may result in need for DUI defense

Across Georgia, and the nation as a whole, friends and family prepare to gather together and celebrate the holiday season. Many people choose to take a vacation in the winter months, and thousands of college students revel in the opportunity to leave the dorm and return home for a few weeks. Holiday travel combined with throngs of shoppers bargain hunting for last-minute deals leads to increased traffic, and police are warning the public that they are focusing on violations that may lead to accidents, leaving some in a position that may warrant presenting a DUI defense in court. 

Statistically, the number of DUI arrests in Georgia is highest during the last few weeks of the year. This does not necessarily mean more people are guilty of driving over the legal limit, it simply indicates more drivers are accused of DUI. Police have stated that they will pay special attention to factors that could indicate a driver has been drinking, and they will not hesitate to make arrests if they feel a person is driving under the influence. 

While certainly, these measures taken by law enforcement are meant to keep the crowded roads safe for holiday travel, the extra emphasis placed on DUI cases may lead to innocent people being accused. Even if a driver has had a few drinks, as long as he or she has not exceeded the legal limit of .08, the person is not guilty of breaking the law. Especially in cases where a breath or blood test is not administered and an officer relies heavily on a field sobriety test as cause to arrest a driver, people may find themselves with a good, solid DUI defense when it comes time to face a judge. 

Being accused of DUI may seem overwhelming for a Georgia driver, but he or she need not worry. Each person accused is given the opportunity to present a DUI defense. The prosecution must prove a driver was absolutely over the legal limit on the road, and many cases end with a relieving not-guilty verdict. 


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