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Professional Legal Counsel To Answer UGA Students’ Frequently Asked Questions


At Palmore Boenig & Associates, PC, we understand that UGA students often need legal counsel to address serious matters. Our firm possesses over two decades of combined experience helping UGA students. Regardless of your specific circumstances, please reach out to our devoted attorneys to set up a consultation. We can review the details of your case and help you make informed decisions on your best course of action.

The following questions represent some of the most commonly encountered questions our lawyers receive from UGA students seeking legal advice:


Q: What should I do if confronted by a police officer and accused of committing a crime?

A: If you encounter this situation, it is important to remain calm and treat the officer with respect. However, please understand that you have the right to contact our firm for legal advice before answering any of the officer’s questions. Politely refuse to answer questions and ask to speak to one of our attorneys.


Q: Will you represent me during administrative hearings at the University of Georgia?

A: Absolutely. Our lawyers will stand with you throughout your case, including criminal trials as well as administrative hearings. We will help protect your rights in both forums.


Q: Do the police have the right to search my dorm room or my vehicle?

A: It depends. The police can conduct a search of your room or car if 1) they have a search warrant issued by a judge, 2) you give them explicit permission to perform the search or 3) they have probable cause to initiate a search. Remember, you are under no obligation to give the police permission to search your property if you are asked.


Q: If arrested for a DUI, will I automatically lose my driver’s license?

A: Typically, you will lose your driver’s license for a period following a DUI arrest. However, with our attorneys by your side, we can fight to help you keep it or have your license restored quickly.


Q: Can I be arrested for underage possession of alcohol?

A: Yes. Possession of alcohol as a minor is a serious misdemeanor offense that can lead to arrest. If you are underage and stopped for a DUI, you will likely experience severe penalties.


Reach Our Lawyers Today To Obtain Professional Legal Counsel

If you are facing criminal charges or believe your rights are in jeopardy, please reach out to our attorneys immediately. With over two decades of experience providing dedicated legal counsel to UGA students and other Georgians in the Athens area, we have secured intimate knowledge of the laws and legal process. Protect your future with our fierce advocates in your corner. Call now at 706-549-6880, or send our team an email and set up an appointment for your free initial consult.

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