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Criminal defense for college students may help spring breakers

Criminal defense for college students may help spring breakers

Though it’s late autumn in Georgia, some college students may already be planning spring break. One of the highlights of a student’s year, college kids often look forward to a few fun days on a warm beach after months of studying and hard work. Unfortunately, students aren’t the only ones planning for spring break, and some police departments have already suggested that students who travel to their local beaches may leave with more than a sunburn. They warn that even minor crimes and offenses will be prosecuted, creating a need for attorneys to provide criminal defense for college students. 

Some municipalities have gone so far as to suggest would-be spring breakers not come to their local beaches. They state in a curmudgeonly way that many residents and older visitors are annoyed by the students, and so they will be making arrests and issuing fines for anything they can in an attempt to discourage the students from returning in the future. They say that loud music, small amounts of marijuana and disorderly conduct will be enough to land a student in trouble with the law. 

They have further considered playing loud classical music from speakers by the beach and prosecuting small amounts of marijuana — even though possession of such is only a misdemeanor — in an attempt to annoy the students. They hope that, if they strike worry and fear into the party-goers, they will be unlikely to make their annual pilgrimage for fun in the sun next year. For students, this means that even a small infraction can turn into a situation in which he or she may face legal trouble. 

Georgia families should be aware that there are attorneys who specialize in criminal defense for college students. When a student is charged with a crime, he or she may worry that a conviction could affect his or her personal or professional life. Help is available in the form of an experienced attorney, who can explain the legal process to a client and assist as one prepares to explain his or her side of the story in court. 


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